Monday, 17 January 2011

Soaked to my skin

The rain on the ride to work was biblical and quickly soaked me to my skin
I'm still aching from the weekend and my knees hurt what a mess I'm in
I have decided that for the sake of my health I should purchase new waterproofs
And as soon as payday comes early next week think that's just what I'll do

In the meantime losing the feeling in my hands means I need to go visit a friend
To recover my winter thermal gloves and make cycling comfortable again
My cycling clothes take all day to dry hung on heaters around the office
I get the impression that my colleagues at work are starting to think I've lost it

I pop out to top up on protein before the half price January sale is over
I've enough now to last me to March or April to help my daily recovery
At least the ride home is relatively dry and the rain is only misting
Come on come on I urge my legs but I think my body's not listening

I stop for a coffee around half way home and call the man with the gloves
It's agreed I'll head to his for tea and a chat, it's good little chance to catch up
So its ditch the bike change from bike kit to run and jog on round to his house
A cuppa, a chinwag, a wander home and now its time again for lights out

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