Monday, 17 January 2011

Soaked to my skin

The rain on the ride to work was biblical and quickly soaked me to my skin
I'm still aching from the weekend and my knees hurt what a mess I'm in
I have decided that for the sake of my health I should purchase new waterproofs
And as soon as payday comes early next week think that's just what I'll do

In the meantime losing the feeling in my hands means I need to go visit a friend
To recover my winter thermal gloves and make cycling comfortable again
My cycling clothes take all day to dry hung on heaters around the office
I get the impression that my colleagues at work are starting to think I've lost it

I pop out to top up on protein before the half price January sale is over
I've enough now to last me to March or April to help my daily recovery
At least the ride home is relatively dry and the rain is only misting
Come on come on I urge my legs but I think my body's not listening

I stop for a coffee around half way home and call the man with the gloves
It's agreed I'll head to his for tea and a chat, it's good little chance to catch up
So its ditch the bike change from bike kit to run and jog on round to his house
A cuppa, a chinwag, a wander home and now its time again for lights out

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Bed waits for no man

Last night I worked straight through on the ghost shift till past dawn
Serving people drinks and running around right up to this morning
I shifted and carried, lugged and slogged all after yesterdays ride
When this morning arrived I was so exhausted I felt like I had died

Like a walking zombie I set off home in the early morning light
And just like that Sunday day for me quickly became Saturday night
In bed by nine am and I was out like a light asleep until six pm
Get up, showered and changed, off out to lunch with my fellow men

So my run today was a slow slow jog as I headed down to the pub
To find some good company and enjoy some well earned grub
Then a bimble on home only half logged before endomondo got bored
But not to worry I can't wait for my bed again as I get back to my door

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Well and truly done

Having breakfast before bed is never a good sign
That maybe later that day you can expect to feel fine
Last night was pretty messy and today I felt very rough
I decided what the hell might as well take it by the scruff

Of the neck and shake it all about, straight to the gym
A two hour blast should work out the nasty toxin's
I manage forty kilometers on the cycle in one hour twenty
And work my whole upper body until I'm physically empty

Then I head out for a jog and it's much harder than I thought
I think before the London triathlon I need to practice this more
After just one and a half K I decide to abandon the run
My sore legs need soaking and I'm well and truly done

Friday, 14 January 2011

Two weeks in - A little tired

This evening I'm a little tired and I'll admit that my legs are slightly worn out
But the effect of yesterdays stats is that I still want to jump and shout
So today I have clocked up another twenty K five on feet and fifteen on wheels
Tomorrow I have set a little challenge, after tonight's party we'll see how I feel

My aspirations are to try and ride a final distance of eighty kilometers
I less than five hours dependent on when I wake up and my hangover
So I'm off out to enjoy myself, it's been a long two weeks training
looking on the bright side at least tomorrow in the gym it wont be raining

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Two hundred and thirty six kilometers under the belt

I started today with a nice five K run I felt really good and had some fun
Now I feel Janathon's really started but my year has just begun
I'm quite pleased with myself with two sub five minute kilometer splits
And from the general improvement I'd say I'm nearly fixed

So it was off to work again pedalling hard on the old cycle
With a productive day in the office my day made me smile
It's a fifteen kilometer round trip then back out on the track
For a two kilometer warm down run to add to my stack

The counting gizmos say I've used sixty five thousand calories
And I've lost one point five kilograms since I started this madness
I sit and update endomondo with all the workouts I've done
Pool, gym, excersise cycle and all my treadmill runs

The stats to date are something for me to shout about
Thirty three kilometers walking, one point five swimming
One hundred and thirty four cycling and sixty seven running
That's two hundred and thirty six kilometers under the belt

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Come on cold, lets see what you got

Today I was up and mobile after three days of feeling like dirt
I decided to hang this cold out to dry with a challenge of the excessive sort
With the hikes in public transport prices I've decided to use my legs
To take me to all my usual places and save the pennies instead

I figure the cold virus will quit or ruin me so I better just get on with it
Onto the cycle to Holloway and work, it's a tidy eight kilometers
Later whislt two thirds of the way home I receive a text thats ominous
"These keys on the desk with blue fob, are they the ones for your house"

About turn and back then about turn again and the eight K ride home
Stretches itself to nearly twenty k and I still haven't been for my run
With a quick change of kit and a new destination I pootle back to the ditch
To see some friends for a chat and coffee, thats when my phone starts to glitch

The four and a half K I ran to get there becomes three on the way back home
And endomondo keeps switching itself off and the music just won't play at all
A well deserved hot bath, and to off bed to compose my blog with some tea in a pot
Pleased with my thirty seven kilometers today, come on cold, lets see what you got

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Almost human

After sleeping for fifty hours in the last three days
I'm finally starting to feel like I'm no longer in haze
I've been eating like a horse which is usually a good sign
That sometime very shortly I should be just fine

As late evening comes I get ready for my run
Stretches then plenty of layers, to keep me nice and warm
Out onto the track with half an hour 'till nine
I manage five kilometers but I've got more left inside

Round the corner to the gym and onto the treadmill
I clock up another two point five kilometers and still
There's time for a quick circuit around the weights
And a swift jog home, I don't arrive too late

A lovely hot soak in the bath for an hour with a book
Then I set my alarm for the morning and my return to work
Whilst the sleep has done me good I dislike being out for days
Now I feel almost human I can return to my usual ways